40 Gifts for 40th Birthday Idea

40 Gifts for 40th Birthday Basket

My sister's friend was turning 40 and she bought her 40 gifts for her 40th birthday. Even though most of the gifts are simple little things that can be purchased at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, etc. her friend absolutely loved it and everyone at the party thought it was such a clever idea! This list can be used for a 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc. birthday gifts, just add or subtract items as needed. 40 things gives you a pretty great start! This list is originally what gave me the idea to create the more involved 40 gifts for my best friend's 40th birthday.

40 Simple Gifts for 40th Birthday

The gifts are what my sister purchased for her friend. Think of the person you are buying for and get creative! This list should give you some good ideas and a head start! All together she spent $56.00 on the entire thing.

Disclosure: The Federal Trade Commission requires that I let you know that if you click on and purchase from any of the Gift Idea links below, I might receive a small commission :)

 Some people say that turning 40...Gift IdeaOther Ideas
1 is a memory Photo Frame Photo, Photo Book, Slideshow DVD
2 adds flavor to life Propel Packets  
3 is wise Owl Magnets Owl Ornament
4 isn't so sweet Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Kit
5 is a party Cupcake Wine Glass Charm Drink Marker Party Popper / Confetti Shooter (3 Pieces)
6 requires shots Assorted Mini Vodkas Shot Glasses, Squirt Guns, Assorted Shot Packs
7 is hot Hot Tamales Candy Hot Sauce, Hot Chocolate, Body Bottle Extra-Long Hot Water Bottle
8 is just peachy Peach Hand Soap Peach Gummy Rings Candy, Peach Shower Gel , Peach Body Butter, Mini Peach Lip Balm, Peach Schnapps
9 is jolly Jolly Rancher Bites  
10 rocks Chocolate Rock Candy Pop Rocks , Rock 'n Roll CD, Pet Rock ,
11 makes you miss your childhood Rubik's Cube Rubiks Keychain , Anything nostalgic from "their era"
12 is super Super Glue Superman/Supergirl Key Chain, Socks, etc.
13 is bright Flashlight Sunglasses, Highlighters
14 is a sticky situation Post-it Notes Glue, Sticky Buns
15 stinks Yankee Candle Car Vent Sticks Smelly Candle, Cologne or Perfume,
16 is a joke Laffy Taffy Candy Joke book, Tickets to Comedy Club,
17 is Goofy Silly String Anything Goofy or you can go the Disney route
18 is wild Zebra Print Tissue Paper Animal print anything, Wet & Wild Make-Up, etc.
19 beautiful "40" Crown  
20 is nuts Pistachios Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Covered Nuts, Anything Nutty
21 is festive Snowmen Socks  
22 is wonderful Wonder Woman Underwear It's a Wonderful Life DVD
23 is the icing on the cake "Icing on the Cake" Flavored Coffee  
24 requires a glass of wine Bottle of Wine Wine Glass
25 is like a box of chocolates Box of Assorted Chocolates  
26 is unreal Unreal Candy Bar  
27 is crazy Crazy Straws  
28 makes you feel blue Blue Travel-Size Glitter Eyeliner Tickets to Blueman Group, BlueAvocado Ross Bennett Dopp Kit Mini
29 is a piece of cake Mini Cupcake Bubble Bath Cake CD (If they like Cake)
30 blows Blow Pop Minis Bubble Gum, Bubbles, Party Horns
31 is fizzy Cupcake Bath Fizzer Zotz Fizz Candy , Alka- Seltzer
32 is just ducky Rubber Ducky  
33 is electric Purple Electric Masquara Electric Company T-Shirt / DVD/ Etc., e-Cig
34 is sweet Chocolate Mud Masque Anything Chocolate
35 is bubbly Small Bottle of Champagne Bubble bath, Bubbles, Champagne
36 is shimmery Sweet Shimmer Lip Gloss Shimmery Body Lotion, Body Glitter,45 Colors Nail Art Make Up Body Glitter Shimmer Dust Powder Decoration
37 is golden Golden Nail Polish Anything Gold
38 sucks Giant Carnival Pop Anything with suction cups
39 feels cold Snowman and Snowball Ice CubeTray Ice Cubes Chocolates*
40 is rough Nail Files  


*If you have not tried these Ice Cubes Chocolates...OMG! You are missing out! They are awesome. They are unique chocolate hazelnut flavored little gems that melt in your mouth and feel cold/cool the whole time!