About Me

saeHi I’m Stacey! By day and night (not so much in the morning), I am a freelance web designer/developer (don’t judge me by my blog, this is supposed to be a hobby). In my abundance of free time (yeah, that was sarcasm), I love to “get into things” and muddle around. I think I have muddled my way through most of my life so far. Hence, one of my famous sayings, “I make it up as I go along”.

I bore easily. I have erratic diverse taste in design, music, food, movies, and really just about everything else. Some may think that I lack focus, I think that I enjoy variety.

Besides my freelance web design & development business; the husband and I occasionally purchase storage units, I have two self-published children’s books, we own an online store, sell other things through miscellaneous channels of the web, I have an MLM business, and now a new blog. Most are successful, some not so much. I am also currently taking 3 online web development courses.

I like to think of myself as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I am okay with that, it is variety that adds the spice to life, right? I have created this blog to keep up with my own interests, likes, and a few dislikes, but if someone happens to find it entertaining or useful in some way, that makes me Laughing

Extra Info About Me…

Everyone knows that I like blue, monkeys, & monster trucks (blue monkeys driving monster trucks would be the ultimate) but did you know?

  1. I am Polish which means I am “thrifty”, not “cheap”
  2. I like circles and other round objects
  3. I like boxes but not circular boxes (I don’t like squares but I like boxes cuz you can put stuff in ‘em)
  4. I wear monkey slippers about 95% of the time
  5. I have “backup” pairs of monkey slippers, I go through about 2-3 pairs a year
  6. I rarely leave the house in the winter months
  7. I will only drink milk out of certain glasses cuz otherwise I think it smells like dog
  8. I don’t like the color red but I do like burgundy, crimson (dark reds). I still don’t like to wear them
  9. I make up songs and sing all the time about whatever I am doing unless I am sad or crabby. (just because I sing doesn’t mean I sing well)
  10. Dumb jokes are my favorite and I really do find them funny
  11. I get lost all the time, even more than the people that know I get lost know
  12. I really do make it up as I go along
  13. I don’t like shopping
  14. I wish I had blue eyes
  15. I feel naked without jewelry
  16. I love black boots (I guess this one is pretty well-known)
  17. I have to be “in the mood” to wear other colors besides black otherwise I think I look funny
  18. My favorite flowers are Daisies, I like all kinds of them
  19. I love old Christmas movies (Holiday Inn, White Christmas, etc.)
  20. I love a wide variety of music (from Dr. Demento to Slayer and everything in between) but I think my favorite would have to be 60′s & 70′s folk