40 Gifts for 40th Birthday

For my BFF's 40th Birthday I bought her 40 gifts. Each gift had a theme that came from a quote or saying that was all put together in a nifty little card/booklet. I worked so hard on this idea, it took me almost two months to collect my thoughts, create the book, and decide on and purchase all of the gifts.

40 Gifts for 40th Birthday Basket

My sister's friend was turning 40 and she bought her 40 gifts for her 40th birthday. Even though most of the gifts are simple little things that can be purchased at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, etc. her friend absolutely loved it and everyone at the party thought it was such a clever idea! This list can be used for a 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc. birthday gifts, just add or subtract items as needed. 40 things gives you a pretty great start! This list is originally what gave me the idea to create the more involved 40 gifts for my best friend's 40th birthday.