In My Humble Opinion

Here you will find reviews on anything from restaurants to bar soap and anything in between. Whatever I feel needs to be reviewed and shared. If I take the time to write about something it's most likely really good or really bad and I feel the world needs to know about it! I don't mess around, I'll tell you like it is.

I have smoked for 23 years. This is not something that I am proud of and if I could tell my 13 year old self to never pick up a cigarette, I would. I have tried a lot of different methods to quit but I really enjoy smoking. At least I think I do and I don't especially want to quit but it is way past time that I do.

Since my very first menstrual I have suffered from painful periods. After countless tests, numerous doctors, and 25 years of searching, I have finally found something that helps and I want to share it with others that suffer from endometriosis.