"Bad to the Bone" Dog Feeder

For a while now, I have wanted to do something with my plain ol' dog feeder. The hubs and I bought it at Linens N Things when they were going out of business. I finally figured out how I wanted it to look...bad to the bone! LOL!

BeforeThe original feeding station, a little dirty and beaten up from about 5 years of use.
dog-feeder3All finished!

Just remember, this isn't really a tutorial and I am, by no means, a professional. I'm just showing off some stuff that I have done and letting you know how I did it. I made it up as I went along.

How I did it...

  1. I cleaned it up first. My dog had already been using it, as is, for the past 5 years or so.
  2. Pull it apart! Completely disasemble all pieces that you can.
  3. Put any small pieces in a safe place such as a shoe box, plastic baggie, etc.
  4. Get sanding. This is another cheap piece, I just sanded it a bit to rough it up and smooth out the edges where the paint and or/"wood" had been chipped, knicked, and the paint had bubbled up around the water dish.
  5. I DID NOT skip the primer on this one...yeah me! I learned my lesson with the Mew & Chew Kitty Feeding Station.
  6. For the top, I used a High Gloss White Spray Paint (I chose a weather resistant paint, I thought that might help with the water dish issue and might allow for easy cleaning).
  7. On the bottom, I used the same black paint (Behr - eggshell) that I used for the Front Foyer Hutch
  8. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I created some graphics with Photoshop to use as a template for my "bad to the bone doggie"
  9. When it was all dry, I used the graphics that I printed and some carbon paper to trace it on to the dog stand. Then I filled it in with some white acrylic paint. Voila!
dog-feeder2My older dog hangs out with me and waits patiently while I work on her feeding station. dog-feeder5They love it!